It's a fact:
people want to pay with cryptocurrencies

Enable your company to receive and process cryptocurrency payments quickly and securely with Futswap Pay.

What can your company do with

Receive payments in BTC, ETH and USDT

Generate payment buttons to include on your website or share by other means

Control and visualize the payments you receive through the platform

Schedule automatic mass payments through our API

Store your payments in independent wallets for each currency

Withdraw money directly from the platform to one or more wallets

futswapPay's platform

Agility in the

Reliability for the

Safety in the

What businesses
can use FutswapPay?

Why receive and process
cryptocurrency payments?

New clients for
your business

Protect your assets from the devaluation of traditional assets

Speed, security and low commissions

Receive payments from anywhere in the world

Facilities for your company and your customers

Superior customer experience


We are a pioneering cryptocurrency payment processing platform that gives companies the freedom to choose the best option to charge their customers.

Futswap Pay provides you with a reliable, secure, fast and affordable service, while bringing your company closer to millions of crypto-consumers.

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